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Curriculum Vitae print

Daniel Hernández-Salazar

Guatemala, 1956


  • Chevallier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.  Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, France. 2005, in recognition to his artistic creation work in service of Human Rights.
  • Asuza-Sho Award to the book: “Guatemala Memory of an Angel: Work in progress of Daniel Hernández-Salazar. Japan, 2005.
  • Jonathan Mann Humanitas Award. International Association of Physicians in Aid’s Care. Chicago 1998. Recognizing his inspirational work, which has helped shed light on more than 37,000 human Rights violation in Guatemala.
  • Replica of the Nobel Peace Prize Medal given by Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Peace Prize 1992. Recognizing his photo journalistic work.
  • Third Prize, Emancipation and Identity of Latin  America contest, Quito, Ecuador, 1992.
  • First Prize, black & white photo, VI Art Biennial, Guatemala, 1990.
  • First Prize, color photo, IV Art Biennial, Guatemala, 1986.

One Man Exhibitions

  • Revelation: The Power of Memory in the Land of Oblivion. Foto30 photo festival. Guatemala, 2012.
  • Arbenz…fin del exilio /Apoteosis del retorno. Spanish Coop. Center. Antigua Guatemala, 2011.
  • Guatemala: Guztiek jakin dezaten. Gernika Peace Museum. Gernika, Basque Country. 2010
  • Affinche tutti lo sappiano.   Castel Grande, Bellinzona. Switzerland. 2008. 
  • So that all shall know. UN Human rights Council. Salle des Pas Perdus. Palais des Nations. Geneva. Switzerland. 2007.
  • Memory of an Angel. Session House, Tokyo, Japan. 2004
  • Memory of an Angel, 2003. Sponsored by the French Embassy. Metropolitan Cultural Center. Guatemala 2003.
  • Memory of an Angel. Chicago Film Festival. Havana Gallery, Chicago, Illinois. USA. 2003
  • The Path of an Angel. La Peña Gallery, Austin, Texas. USA. 2003
  • 27-2002. PhotoEncuentro, Jade Museum. San José, Costa Rica. 2003.
  • 27-2002. Month of the Photo, Modern Art Museum. Guatemala 2002.
  • P.P.P. Month of the Photo. El Sitio Cultural Center, Antigua Guatemala, 2002.
  • From fact to Memory. Casa de América, PhotoEspaña 2001. Madrid, 2001
  • Inherentes Truths, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2001.
  • Threshold of Creation. Rafael Landívar University Art gallery, Guatemala, 2001.
  • Memory of an Angel. Modern Art Museum, Guatemala, 2000.
  • Beyond Weapons. El Attico Gallery, Guatemala, 1999.
  • Musicians from Guatemala. University Gallery, University of Massachusets. USA, 1999.
  • Esclarecimiento. Centro de la Imagen, Fotoseptiembre. México, D.F. 1998.
  • Rostros de la Música. Nezahualcoyotl Music Hall, Fotoseptiembre. México, D.F. 1998.
  • Eros+Thánatos. Joan Grona Gallery, San Antonio Texas, U.S.A. 1998.
  • Eros+Thánatos. National Exhibition Hall, San Salvador, El Salvador, 1998.
  • Eros+Thánatos. Sol del Río Gallery, Guatemala, 1997
  • Daniel Hernández-Salazar: Recent Work. CAM Foundation, Alicante, Spain, 1996.
  • Ecce Homo. El Sitio Gallery, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. 1995
  • Visages de la Musique. Centre National de la Photo, Lectoure, France. 1994.
  • Indigenous Leaders from Around the World. II World Indigenous Summit, Mexico, 1993.
  • Faces of the Music. Sol del Rio Gallery, Guatemala, 1993.
  • Epiphany. El Attico Gallery, Guatemala, 1989.
  • Silver on Gelatin. Guatemalan American Cultural Institute, Guatemala, 1987.


  • Street Angel, Installation in memory places in Auschwitz, Treblinka and Płazów, Poland, 2010.
  • Street Angel, Installation. 30th commemoration of the Spanish Embassy massacre. Guatemala, 2009.
  • Street Angel, Installation in memory places. Gernika, Basque Country, Spain, 2009.
  • Street Angel, Installation at the National Police Historic Archive. Guatemala, 2009.
  • Street Angel, Installation during an exhumation of victims of the Korean War. South Korea, 2009.
  • Street Angel, Installation on the 10th anniversary of the Guatemala Truth Commission. 2009.
  • Street Angel, Installation in memory places. Sarajevo and Srebrenica. Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2008.
  • Naked performance against intolerance, Carlos Woods Art Gallery. Guatemala. September 2007.
  • Street Angel. Installation. 8th anniversary of the assassination of Juan Gerardi. Guatemala, 2006.
  • Street Angel. Installation in Tlatelolco Square. México D.F. 2006.
  • Street Angel. Installation in public spaces. Hiroshima. Japan. 2004.
  • Street Angel. Installation in public spaces. Chicago, Illinois. USA. 2003.
  • Street Angel. Installation in public spaces. Austin, Texas, USA. 2003.
  • Ange de la Rue. Installation in public spaces. Montréal, Canada, 2002.
  • Street Angel. Installation in public spaces. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2001.
  • Street Angel. Installation in public spaces.  Guatemala City, 1999.

Group Exhibitions

  • Art12 Gallery. Opening exhibition. Antwerp, Belgium. 2012.
  • Kaserne Dossin Holocaust Museum. Permanent Exhibiton. Mechelen, Belgium. 2012.
  • That History around the Corner. Spanish Cooperation Center. Antigua Guatemala. 2011.
  • The Speaking Dead. Photo30. Spanish Cooperation Center. Antigua Guatemala. 2010.
  • Borderless Generation-Latin American Art. Seoul, Korea del Sur, 2009
  • Central American Art Biennale. Tegucigalpa. Honduras, 2008.
  • Adiós Identidad. Spanish Cultural Center. Guatemala, 2007.
  • City. Spanish Cultural Center. Guatemala, 2006.
  • JUANNIO. Contemporary Art Charity Auction. Modern Art Museum. Guatemala, 2006.
  • Images from Guatemala 1850-2005. 57 photographers from CIRMA’s Phototeca. Spanish Cooperation Agency. Antigua Guatemala. 2005.
  • JUANNIO. Contemporary Art Charity Auction. Modern Art Museum. Guatemala, 2005.
  • Why we are as we are? CIRMA. Cobán, Guatemala. 2005
  • Why we are as we are? CIRMA. Old Highlands Train Station. Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. 2004
  • Why we are as we are? CIRMA. Industrial Park, Guatemala. 2004
  • Maternities Plus. Spanish Cultural Institute. Guatemala. 2003.
  • Mundos Creados. Noorderlicht Photo Festival. Groningen, The Netherlands, 2002.
  • Zonas de Tensión, Art from Guatemala. “de Gang”. Haarlem, The Netherlands. 2002.
  • An eye on Latin America, Aldo Castillo Gallery, Chicago, USA. 2001
  • Context, Contemporary Art in Guatemala. Las Francesas Church, Valladolid, España. 2001.
  • Adjacent Zones, Sol del Río, Guatemala. 2001.
  • Young Guatemalan Artists. Sala de la Plástica Mexicana, Mexico City, 2000.
  • Objects of Passion. Aldo Castillo Gallery. Chicago, U.S.A., 2000.
  • Independent Artistic Project, PAI. Cabildo Insular de Fuerteventura, Canarias, España, 2000.
  • WWW.EN.dE. Annual Art show. Leipzig, Alemania, 1999.
  • Art without name. Independent Artistic Project, PAI. Plaza G&T, Guatemala, 1998.
  • The Body in/of Photography. Contemporary Art and Design Museum, San José, Costa Rica, 1998.
  • Fotojornada 98. Modern Art Museum, Guatemala City, 1998.
  • Heads Up, New Faces in Contemporary Art. Aldo Castillo Gallery, Chicago, 1998.
  • Five Guatemalan Photographers. Arte x Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, 1997.
  • Iron Ways. Traveling exhibition sponsored by the Spanish National Railways, Spain, 1997.
  • I Central American Art Meeting. National Culture Institute, Panama City, 1996.
  • Summer, an erroneous perception of reality. Wessel O'Connor Gallery,  New York, 1995.
  • Close to the Wild Heart. Latin American photographers. Aspekte Gallerie, Munich, 1992.
  • Latin-American Photography: Present Trends. Santa Maria de la Rabida, Huelva, Spain, 1991.
  • Emancipation & Identity of Latin America:1492-1992,  Quito 1990.
  • Guatemalan Art Exhibit. Teramo, Italy, 1989.
  • The Image Myth. Imaginaria Gallery, Antigua Guatemala, 1989.
  • Three Contemporary Photographers from Guatemala. Traveling exhibition, Alabama, USA, 1988.
  • Profile´88, Guatemalan Art. La Villa Cultural Center, Madrid, 1988.
  • Tricono. Ixchel Museum, Guatemala, 1986.

Recent publications


  • So that all shall know / Para que todos lo sepan, Fotografía de Daniel Hernández Salazar. University of Texas Press. Austin, Texas. USA.     Mayo 2007.
  • http://www.utexas.edu/utpress/excerpts/exmalsot.html
  • Guatemala Memory of an Angel: Work in progress of Daniel Hernández-Salazar. Kage Shobo. Tokio, Japan, 2005.
  • 100 Postcards, Orfeo Editons, Guatemala, 1994 -2006.

Group Publications

  • Believe your eyes. Perspectiva sobre los holocaustos. Dolbegae Publishers. Pajubookcity, Gyeonggi-do, Corea. 2009.
  • The Romantic Male Nude. James Spada, Harry Abrams , Inc. Nueva York, 2007.            
  • Naked Men, Now. David Leddick. Rizzoli, New York, 2001.
  • Naked Men, Too. David Leddick. Rizzoli, New York, 2000.
  • Comparative Peace Processes in Latin America. Woodrow Wilson Center & Standford Univ. Press. Washington, 1999.
  • The Politics of Civil Society Building. International Books & Transnational Institute. Amsterdam, 1999.
  • Visions of Angels. Smithmark Publications,New York, 1998.
  • Guatemala Nunca Más. Archibishop’s Human Rights Bureau, Guatemala, 1998.
  • The Male Nude. David Leddick. Benedikt Taschen Verlag, Cologne, 1998.
  • Eros. Stewart, Tabory & Chang, Inc., New York, 1996.
  • Maya Masterpieces. G&T Foundation, Guatemala, 1996.
  • Postcards. Orfeo Editions, Guatemala, 1993-9.
  • Mexican Art in the World. Mexico D. F., Mexico, 1994.
  • Critical Approximation to Present Latin-American Photography. Huelva, Spain, 1991.
  • America Patria Grande magazine, Quito, Ecuador, 1990.


Because of his interest in Historical Memory, Daniel Hernandez-Salazarhas given a number of talks on his work and the role of arts in postwar periods in academic and art institutions across Central and South America America (including CIRMA, Guatemala; Veritas University, Costa Rica; Universidad Javeriana, Colombia) and the United States (University of Texas at Austin), as well as in Japan (Institute for Peace of Hiroshima, Kyoto Peace University) and South Korea (Future Peace Museum).

  • Guatemala: So That All Shall Know. Social incidence through artistic expression in Guatemala. IV International Meeting on Art and Peace. Peace Investigation Center. Gernika-Gogoratuz Foundation. Gernika, Basque Country, Spain. October 2009.
  • Art and Memory. Social incidence through artistic expression in Guatemala. Javeriana University. Bogotá, Colombia. 2009.
  • Art and Social Change in Post War Guatemala. Lecture on the use of public space as instrument to have incidence on Society to preserve Historic Memory in post war landscapes. Study Abroad program for University of Arizona CIRMA. Antigua Guatemala. 2005, 2006, 2007.


  • Haunted land. A voyage into the lives of artist and human rights activist Daniel Hernández-Salazar and Mateo Pablo, survivor of a massacre occurred during Guatemala´s recent civil war. Directed by Mary Ellen Davis. Montreal, Canada. 2001.


  • Professional Black & White Laboratory, Light & shadow atelier, Guatemala.
  • Workshop with Photographer Arnold Newman, International Center of Photography New York, USA.
  • Architectural Photography Workshop, International Center of Photography, New York.
  • Commercial Photography Workshop, Winona School of Professional Photo, Indiana, USA.

Main Work Assignments

  • Digitalization of the Photo Archive from Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán. Human Rights Presidencial Comission. Guatemala, 2001
  • Planning and design of the National War Victims Memorial. Peace Secretariat. Guatemala 2009
  • Internal Displacement and Peace Building in Colombia. Photo documentation commissioned by the Swiss Foreign Affairs Ministry. Colombia, 2009
  • Genocide in Guatemala and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photographic essay commissioned by SwissPeace, Bern Switzerland, 2008.
  • Freelance photography in Guatemala for the New York Times. Guatemala, 2006-2009.
  • Photographer for The Associated Press (AP), 1987-1992.
  • Photographer for REUTERS, 1986.
  • Photographer for Agence France Presse (AFP), 1984.

Other Relevant Activities

Violence, Memory, and Art in Postwar Guatemala. A Dialogue with Daniel Hernández-Salazar. Film screening, Exhibit and talks in the University of Texas at Austin. Sponsored by The Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, the Center for Indigenous Languages of Latin America, Rockefeller Postdoctoral Program in Race, Rights, and Resources, the Center for Mexican American Studies, the Center for Latin American Social Policy, College of Liberal Arts, and the John T. Jones, Jr. Centenial Professorship of Comunication. Universidad de Texas en Austin. USA 2003.                           

General Coordinator for Cien campanas para la paz (100 bells for Peace), musical intervention in public spaces by Spanish Composer Llorenç Barber. To celebrate the first aniversary of the Peace Accords signature in Guatemala. Organized for the the Historic Center Conceal of Guatemala City, Guatemala’s Town Hall and the Guatemala’s Peace Secratariat  December 1996.

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